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Australia One Update - 1 May 2017

1 May 2017

This important announcement includes information on the new Territorial structure and the location of the new Australian THQ. 

Watch the video below and learn more at


  1. Paul Benjamin
    Paul Benjamin

    Great to hear about focus on
    - improving gender balance/representation
    -.... what looks like a flatter structure
    - the focus on 'business enterprise'

  2. Good decision - I always knew that we needed to have one national territory for many years and to see that with a lot of thought and prayers, and good leadership we are this point. May God look upon our Army for many years...

  3. Hello,

    We have just heard that there has been a decision to have THQ in Melbourne. I respect this decision but am uncertain at the reasoning behind this. I believe God wants to grow the Salvation Army in Australia. I do not believe that shrinking its physical presence in Australia will achieve this. The whole Australia One is a step backward. I work in Sydney and know that I am bias but Sydney is the largest city in Australia and as you decide to move more and more operations away from Sydney, Salvation Army will shrink in Australia. You need to make decisions that will lead to Growth. Do not make decisions because we have had a downturn in numbers attending Corp, less people becoming Soldiers and Officers, Cadet numbers decreasing, Make decisions in faith that give people more and more opportunity to join our Army, not decisions that only save money. Our Lord will increase only if our faith increases. Believe for more do not accommodate for less.
    I have just received a copy of the selection criteria you used for choosing the site as Melbourne. It is obvious that the main concern is financial and the Salvation Army is making decisions not to grow but to survive. Is this God honoring? shouldn't we believe for more not less. Shouldn't we step out and not backwards? I know that it was stated that the people who made the decision was a equal balance from Melbourne and Sydney, but were they people who really know what is going on, on the ground within the offices, with the people we serve. If you move out of Sydney, it may be cheaper, but far less valuable, and much more difficult to move back in.

  4. mySalvos

    @Pam Stamos: Hi Pam,

    Thank you for your email. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us, and your passion for the work of The Salvation Army.

    One of the aims of the move to a National Territory is to direct more of our resources to our frontline work. Even though our Territorial Headquarters will be consolidated into one location, we will not only continue to maintain certain administrative functions in Sydney, but work towards increasing our presence through Corps and Social Program expressions.

    The Army has a responsibility to be faithful stewards and to use our resources, financial and otherwise, in a way that will best serve those in hardship and need, honouring the mission that God has called the Army to. Streamlining our administrative functions is not simply about saving money, it is about ensuring that as many of our resources as possible are directed to our frontline activities. In all this, we realise the importance of transparency and accountability - both to Salvationists and to the wider public who donate with the expectation that their money will be used to help those in need—and have made that a part of our new Mission Values statement.

    As we embark on the next stage of planning we will be seeking to find ways to increase our influence throughout Australia, and appreciate the prayerful support of dedicated Salvationist such as yourself. Kind regards.

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