“I see a God-raised, Spirit-filled Army of the 21st Century, convinced of its calling, on its knees rising up and moving forward together into the world of the broken, lonely and lost; reaching them by all means with Jesus’ transforming message of freedom, hope and life.”more info

  • Whatis Hope Rising?
  • Whyare we doing this?
  • Howwill this affect me?

Hope Rising will help corps across the NSW/ACT Division to increase their missional effectiveness by empowering, supporting and releasing local leaders. Hope Rising has been approved by Australia One leadership and is designed to expand Salvation Army Corps expressions whereby people of faith can meet the community, and walk alongside in mutual relationships, having Jesus conversations.

Hope Rising is a journey of renewal in order to advance the mission, not retreat. We are joining together for growth, rather than amalgamating to survive. This is an opportunity to re-imagine and seek God and do what's best for our communities. We're better together - when we partner with God

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Why do we need Hope Rising?

Across the division the number of people meeting Jesus and confessing Him as Lord is declining. We have seen corps attendance decline and if this decline continues many will be forced to close as our current financial models are unsustainable.

Many of our current models of ministry do not engage with diverse communities effectively. We are becoming a gathered people reliant on the ‘priest’ - not a priesthood of believers sent to make disciples.

Why will Hope Rising help?

The good news is as relevant and ‘good’ today as it has ever been! The community needs us. Isolation and disconnection are two of the greatest needs within the community we serve. Through Hope Rising we want to create new opportunities to connect with a greater diversity of people so that everyone might find hope together.

The Salvation Army already has many connections with the community where we can invite people to engage with Communities of Hope, Kingdom Tables and Gathered Worshipping Communities.

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We want you to be a part of growing our army and sharing the gospel! Your corps officer or mission leader will keep you informed on any changes at your corps or community and any ways that you can get involved. To see what’s happening across the division, you can check regularly for updates on the ‘Update’ page. We will work to keep the updates section current so that you have the most relevant information in one location.

We know there are lots of questions, so we have also created an FAQs page. Please peruse the page and write to us if you have any specific questions that aren’t already included in the Feedback section here.

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  • Hope IS rising! Lieutenant Colonel Miriam Gluyas introduces Hope Rising and starts gathering feedback and collaborating with leadership, officers and Salvationists throughout the Division.

  • Officers Fellowship wraps up. Corps Officers across the NSW/ACT Division have been asked for feedback on the Hope Rising strategy and have been briefed on the project, including the plan and status.

  • The Inner West Mission Cluster (Glebe, Earlwood, Dulwich Hill, Petersham) are mapping out what Hope Rising and ministry in Sydney's Inner West looks like together.

  • Hope Rising kicked off in Sydney's Inner West on Sunday 30 April at Stanmore House!

  • The Sydney Inner West Salvos held their Sunday morning meeting at Maybanke Aged Care Plus Centre in Dulwich Hill. The corps were there as part of their community service Sunday.

  • Hope IS rising! Lieutenant Colonel Miriam Gluyas introduces Hope Rising and starts gathering feedback and collaborating with leadership, officers and Salvationists throughout the Division.

  • “I keep hearing stories of people finding Jesus. People are stepping up to invest in generations. People are taking discipleship seriously” - Lt Colonel Miriam Gluyas

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