Cultural Competency

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Topics include:

Wanting to develop in your understanding of diversity and inclusion within yourself, team or mission expression?

This workshop will help you understand diversity and inclusion in practical terms and how it impacts the way we view life, understand leadership and many other aspects of our daily social interaction. The workshop also looks at managing diversity and inclusion in yourself, team and/or mission expression and suggests ways in which we can be inclusive in each context.

Wanting to develop good communication when interacting with people from cross-cultural backgrounds, for yourself, team or mission expression?

This is a practical workshop focusing on understanding how culture impacts communication. It also gives practical tools to help us engage effectively and appropriately within cross-cultural communication and addresses cultural barriers.

“We’re not biased here, are we?”

This workshop challenges personal perceptions, assumptions, stereotypes, negative images, suspicions, preferences, mindsets and blind spots to identify our unconscious bias. The workshop identifies practical ways and strategies to manage these biases.

Seeking clarity regarding mixed information about people seeking asylum and refugees out there?

This workshop will help you understand the Australian Humanitarian Program and who are people seeking asylum (asylum seekers), refugees and migrants. It will also look at specific challenges they face, what support is available from the government, support gaps and how mission expressions can support.

Searching for ways to build your cultural competency skills for ministry?

CQ is a great training opportunity for you and your team members to improve their cultural intelligence (CQ) and to provide them with the tools for working more effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. Register here for the next available workshop.