Easter Toolkit 2022

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Easter Toolkit 2022

The following Easter Toolkits have been prepared to support you with your Easter church and community activities. 

The content provided can be used for your social media, website, church services and community events. A variety of these resources are editable to allow you to customise the copy to suit your Mission Expression. We encourage you to personalise your Easter message as you empower people to find a path to hope through Jesus and the work of the Salvos.  

MISSION RESOURCES - feature all new church meeting resources – including sermon outlines, all age meeting ideas, suggested songs and PowerPoint slides. 

BRAND RESOURCES - feature digital and print resources from the Brand Department to assist you with branded promotional content for social media, websites and various community events. 

Order Lent and Easter brochures

This Easter the Mission Resources Team has two brochures available for you to use in your community: 'Is there something more?' and 'If you've ever wondered about life & Easter'.

Both are available to corps FREE and corps leaders can order up to 100 of each - just pay the postage (flat rate of $9.30).

If you would like to place an order, email missionsupport@salvationarmy.org.au