Pray it Forward

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Pray it Forward

Commissioners Janine and Robert Donaldson have called the Salvation Army across the nation to enter into 21 days of intentional prayer and prophetic listening.

When: Sunday 31st May (Pentecost Sunday) to Sunday 21st June

We want to be a strong, united voice – boldly praying it forward for:

  • Our future – asking God to clearly reveal his plans for us post-COVID-19
  • A mighty moving of the spirit across our Army and our nation that will give us the courage and conviction to be all he Has raised us up to be 
  • Courage to stop doing what has been unfruitful in the past, to embrace what God is revealing in this time and to continue to thrive in the things that are bearing the fruit of transformed lives.

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Pray it Forward Prayer Themes 

During 'Pray it Forward', we encourage you to focus on praying for the Salvation Army as a national movement and in your specific local context.
  • Week 1: Deeply Connected 
Please click here to download this weeks prayer points.
  • Week 2: Letting Go/Cutting Back
Please click here  to download this weeks prayer points.
  • Week 3: So Much More

Please click here to download this weeks prayer points.



Mission Resources - Prayer Resources

The Mission Resource team have a number of prayer resources available to help you reflect and engage during this time.

Go to Mission Resource Prayer Toolkit:

Brand and Marketing Team - Prayer Resources

The Brand and Marketing team are creating Social Media assets that will be available for you to use on your personal and corps Social Media pages.

Go to Brand and Marketing Resource Prayer Toolkit:


Soul Space 

A daily reflection aligned to the prayer subjects during 'Pray it Forward'

NSW/ACT Divisional Prayer Resources

Alongside ‘Pray It Forward’, the NSW/ACT Division has also planned 40 days of prayer commencing Sunday 31st May.  Their website offers a number of prayer resources available to anyone across the nation.

Find out more: