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Digital Doorknock

With the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affecting the lives of so many Australians, our annual Red Shield Appeal is more important than ever.

For Australians who were already experiencing homelessness, unemployment, hardship and domestic violence, their situations have become even more extreme during this crisis. Others have unexpectedly lost their livelihoods and are turning to The Salvation Army for the very first time.

For people with disabilities, the elderly and those who are marginalised, isolated, lonely or ill, our chaplains and community workers offer an important personal connection, as well as access to other Salvos services.

This global event means the need is greater than ever before. Our services are in greater demand and the numbers of those who need help are increasing by the day. The Salvation Army is already seeing communities impacted by new financial hardship.

With Digital Doorknock, we're finding new ways to help

Our stores may be shut and our buckets may be lying unused, but let's show Australia what our community can do when the going gets tough. Through this website, community members and volunteers can click instead of knock to help those in need in 2020. We have such supportive community members all around Australia, and we ask you to connect with them digitally this year to raise your funds for Red Shield Appeal. Everything you need is ready to go:

Click here to go to the Digital Doorknock site

We will be continually updating the resources on this site to make it as easy as possible for you to access and strengthen the effectiveness of your page.

If Corps or other Salvation Army mission expressions have questions concerning setting up and accessing pages please contact your Public Relations Secretary who has already sent initial information.

Resources for the Red Shield Appeal

This year there are two resource collections available for the Red Shield Appeal; Digital Doorknock Resources - Red Shield Appeal 2020 - and General Resources - Red Shield Appeal 2020. 

Digital Doorknock Resources - Red Shield Appeal 2020 provides a colleciton of digital resources for corp, zone, mission expression and individual use. They cover everything you need to know regarding the Digital Doorknock site as well as; corps and individual fundraising toolkits, videos, facebook banners, posters and a library of images to name a few. 

General Resources - Red Shield Appeal 2020  provides a collection of multi lingual posters for use in the community and will be continually updated with more resources.


Digital Doorknock Resources - Red Shield Appeal 2020

Click here to go to Social Media Resources

A collection of Social Media Resources to use during this years Red Shield Appeal including: 


  • Social Media + Digital Doorknock How-To Guide
  • Facebook Cover Image for Corps
  • Social Media Post Assets
  • Digital Doorknock Knocks On - social media assets for June!


  • Facebook Video Banner Corps
  • Link to All Celebrity Videos to Share: How-To Guide
  • Links to 4 Individual Celebrity Videos 
  • Social Media - RSA How your Donation Helps Video
  • The Official Facebook Television Commercial
  • Brendan Nottle Community Fundraising Video
  • Media Overlay
  • Donaldson's Monthly message for May 
  • Event Video
  • Governor-General - YouTube link
  • Prime Ministers - YouTube link

Click here to go to Schools Resources

A collection of resources for Mission Expressions to approach schools including: 

  • Template Letter 
  • School Fundraising Guide

Click here to go to Individual Fundraiser Resources 

A collection of resources for individual fundraisers including: 

  • Digital Doorknock - Quick Guide to Sign Up as a Fundraiser
  • Digital DoorKnock - Individual Fundraiser Toolkit
  • Tips and Tricks for Fundraising

Click here to go to Corps/Zones/Mission Expression Resources

A collection of resources for Corps/Zones/Mission Expression including:

  • Digital Doorknock Fundraising Corps Toolkit
  • Video Link Screencast Instructional Guide
  • Digital Doorknock Image Library
  • THQ Talent Release Form
  • Content Ideas and Resources for your Page
  • RSA Posters - General and Customised option

General Resources - Red Shield Appeal 2020

Click here to go to Red Shield Appeal Multi Lingual Posters 

Posters available in:

  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Farsi
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Korean
  • Nuer
  • Vietnamese
  • English

Click here to go to Larger Donors Appreciation Certificates 

These certificates have been created to help you honour business and larger supporters who have supported your appeal. They have been produced by the TG department and can be edited.

Click here to go to LinkedIn Donation Pledge Assets

These assets can be shared with your corporate/ business supporters who will be using their LinkedIn Profiles to support your appeal.

Click here to go to Appreciation and Thank you Ceritficates

Please find downloadable editable formal Appreciation Certificates as well as editable and non-editable Thank you Certificates.