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The new Salvos Magazine and mobile site

The Salvation Army's newly-named Salvation Army publication – Salvos Magazine – is here. Available from your local Salvation Army, your local Salvos Stores or your friendly Salvo chaplain.

Along with the publication, we also have a new mobile site – which hosts further articles, videos and links to support services within The Salvation Army. Throughout the new publication are QR codes that will link you directly to the mobile site. 

Life has dramatically changed since we suspended printing our formerly-named Warcry magazine in April this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing, extended handwashing, working from home, and ongoing hardships for so many are our current reality.

Replacing Warcry with Salvos Magazine at this time does not change our message of practical help, hope, encouragement, and personal transformation through the love and power of Jesus. Our message remains the same. Jesus remains the same. Always.


Salvos Magazine mobile site

The new Salvos Magazine mobile site has been designed to act as an online extension of Salvos Magazine. Corps members will be able to use it to connect the people they meet with The Salvation Army service that best meets their felt need, including a fresh and relevant presentation of the Gospel.

This site is a valuable tool that can be used as a natural extension of a conversation, pointing to further articles, videos and support services.

Alternatively, you can leave people a copy of Salvos Magazine, which will contain QR codes at the bottom of articles, allowing them to connect directly to the most relevant Salvation Army service in their own time.

To access Salvos Magazine mobile site

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This gospel animation is a new resource found on the Salvos Magazine mobile site. It is a wonderful way of starting a conversation with someone looking for meaning - 'Why is there so much wrong with the world? Why can’t I find happiness? How do I know if there’s really Someone there? And what would he say to me? Watch this Gospel animation to find out more'.

Toolkit Resources

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