Drought Communities Support Initiative (DCSI)

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Drought Communities Support Initiative (DCSI)


The Drought Community Support Initiative - Round 2(b), is a stream under the Drought Communities Programme which aims to support communities in the most drought-affected regions of Australia by funding eligible Local Government Areas (LGA’s) for local infrastructure projects and other drought relief activities.

The aim is to provide immediate financial assistance of up to $3,000 to eligible farming households who are experiencing financial hardship arising from the impact of the continuing drought in eligible Local Government Areas under the Drought Communities Programme.

To be eligible for a cash payment under the Drought Community Support Initiative – Round 2, recipients must be:

  • 18 years of age or older, an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident in Australia, and a farmer, farm worker, farm supplier or farm contractor.
  • Lives and / or works in an eligible Local Government Area (LGA) specified by the Minister responsible for Local Government and listed on the business.gov.au and Grant Connect under the Drought Communities Programme.
  • In need of financial assistance to pay for food, petrol, utility bills and other needs, or is at imminent risk of not being able to pay for these goods and services.
  • The benefit provided is limited to one per household up to a maximum cash payment of up to $3,000. The benefit can be provided to eligible recipients who have received previous financial assistance under the Drought Community Support Initiative – Round 1.
  • Assessments are completed online or by phone and are at the discretion of assessors, rural chaplains, officers and volunteers completing assessments.


Contacts and Resources

Denise Thomas -  Programme Co-Ordinator

Mobile: 0419 749 901

Direct telephone line: 02 9466 3492

email: denise.thomas@salvationarmy.org.au

Emma Larsen - Team Leader Assessment Line

email: emma.larsen2@salvationarmy.org.au

Gina Rotunno – Team Leader Admin

email: gina.rotunno@salvationarmy.org.au

The Salvation Army

TSA 24/7 telephone assistance line: 1300 551 030

TSA online applications: www.salvationarmy.org.au/drought

TSA DCSI email address: drought@salvationarmy.org.au

DCSI Mobile 0447 814 086