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Facilitators Guide to Positive Lifestyle Program (PLP)

The Positive Lifestyle Program (PLP) for individuals includes a number of sessions with a trained facilitator focused on building self-awareness and a better understanding of life skills.  Focus areas include: self awareness, anger, depression, stress, loneliness, grief & loss, creative problem solving, assertiveness, self esteem and goal setting. 

Program objectives are for the participant to:

1. Develop a sense of worth by gaining a better understanding of themselves and their life

2. Be in an environment that encourages life improving skills in a positive and reinforcing way

3. Apply their strengths and skills to present and future situations

4. Explore their inner-self and become aware of how to use self-awareness in a positive way

Helpful Hints Document

Helpful Hints

Helpful hints for PLP Facilitators to maximise your effectiveness with participants.

Category: Promotion / Communication

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PLP Booklets Link

PLP Booklets

Download booklets for the 8 sessions of PLP
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Video - Debbie's story Video

Video - Debbie's story

Debbie shares the story of how this program gave her the tools she needed to help her recover

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Video - Cameron's story Video

Video - Cameron's story

Cameron shares his story of how this program and Chaplaincy has helped him turn his life around.

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Video - Introduction to the Positive Lifestyle Program (PLP) Video

Video - Introduction to the Positive Lifestyle Program (PLP)

Chaplains who are trained facilitators and participants of the Positive Lifestyle Program share about the impact and effectiveness of the program.

Category: Promotion / Communication

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