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Volunteer Toolkit for Safeguarding@TSA Training

The new national mandatory child safeguarding training Safeguarding@TSA is now live on Learn. This is a mandatory 30-minute training for ALL officers, employees, contractors and volunteers, and is an additional and complementary module to the Safeguarding Principles training that was released in October 2019.

What is the training about? Safeguarding@TSA replaces mandatory child safeguarding training for the former AUE and AUS. It is specific to TSA's national safeguarding policies and procedures, and includes how to protect children and young people, how to prevent child abuse, and how to identify child abuse and take action. For further information about Safeguarding@TSA, please refer to our FAQ sheet in the folder -Safeguarding@TSA Training.

To make a complaint Document

To make a complaint

To make a complaint or raise a concern regarding the safety and wellbeing of a child, please speak to your Divisional Safeguarding Consultant or your line manager or email Safeguarding@salvationarmy.o...

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Safeguarding@TSA Training Document

Safeguarding@TSA Training

Resources for Safeguarding@TSA Training

Category: Training / How-To

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Grooming, Disclosure and Mandatory Reporting Legislation Document

Grooming, Disclosure and Mandatory Reporting Legislation

Fact sheets on Grooming, Disclosure and Mandatory Reporting Legislation.

Category: Policy, Promotion / Communication, Training / How-To

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Safeguarding Reporting Requirements Document

Safeguarding Reporting Requirements

Fact sheets describing The Salvation Army's reporting obligations in the different States and Territories.

Category: Policy

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Safeguarding Codes of Conduct, Frameworks and Policy Document

Safeguarding Codes of Conduct, Frameworks and Policy

Safeguarding Codes of Conduct, Frameworks and Policy.

Category: Training / How-To

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