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LIFE is a resource designed to help you run an effective, healthy Christian life group for youth.

Life groups are all about relationship – about doing life together. They’re about developing trust and accountability, and they’re about having a safe place to talk and ask questions. They’re about developing Kingdom of Heaven life skills like encouragement, serving and praying for one another. And they’re about engaging with and learning from Scripture.

LIFE has been designed specifically to help your youth ministry create, develop and expand healthy culture and community among youth and young adults. We're talking about the kind of community that encourages, strengthens, sharpens and inspires. The kind of community that is life-giving.

Whether your young people have grown up in church, are not yet saved, or are new to faith, LIFE offers an opportunity to discuss topics relevant to young people and helps them discover truth for themselves.

All LIFE guides are available for FREE and new LIFE guides are produced twice a school term. Each LIFE guide provides a 5-week series on relevant topics to young people.

Click on the guides below for a breakdown of weekly topics and to download your free copy!

LIFE: Childhood Bible Stories - New Testament Document

LIFE: Childhood Bible Stories - New Testament

This 5-week series looks at 5 classic childhood Bible Stories we know from the New Testament.

Category: Discipleship

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LIFE: Wisdom Document

LIFE: Wisdom

This 5-week series looks at wisdom in the book of Proverbs.

Category: Discipleship

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LIFE: Brave Document

LIFE: Brave

This 5-week series takes groups through what it looks like to stand up, stand out, stand alone, stand tall and stand brave.

Category: Discipleship

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LIFE: Heart to God, Hand to Man Document

LIFE: Heart to God, Hand to Man

This 5-week series goes through a Salvation Army distinctive, "Heart to God, Hand to Man" and explores what this looks like in our homes, our corps, centres, local community and the wider world.

Category: Discipleship

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LIFE: Identity In Christ Document

LIFE: Identity In Christ

This 5-week series takes a look 5 promises that God gives us about our identity in Christ.

Category: Discipleship

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LIFE: Technology Document

LIFE: Technology

This series takes a 5-week look at Technology and the pros and cons of it and how we can use technology for Jesus.
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LIFE: Limitless Document

LIFE: Limitless

This 5-week series looks at different limitlessness characteristics of God.
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LIFE: Uniquely Wonderful (Part 2) Document

LIFE: Uniquely Wonderful (Part 2)

This 5-week series is part 2 of a series that looks at what parts of us make us uniquely wonderful and allows young people to take time to discover who they are and what they were created to do.

Category: Discipleship

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LIFE: Childhood Bible Stories - Old Testament Document

LIFE: Childhood Bible Stories - Old Testament

This 5-week series takes a closer looks at 5 classic Bible stories we know and love from our childhood.
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LIFE: Sharing My Faith Document

LIFE: Sharing My Faith

This 5-week series takes groups through the foundations for why we should share our faith, overcoming our fears and worries and practical ways to share Jesus with others.

Category: Discipleship

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