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These COVID times are wearing people down. Many in our communities are feeling isolated, lonely, overwhelmed, troubled, anxious, even desperate. Some are losing hope.

You can help. Your corps can help. 

4Q is a small-group based program for either Zoom or face to face. You do not need to be a trained counsellor to lead a group. You only need to bring a caring presence. The group process will do the work. Each session follows a simple, predictable format, in which you guide the group through four questions:
1. Who are you? (Tell us one thing today.)
2. What’s happening?
3. How are you feeling?
4. What makes you happy? (Tell us one thing which has worked for you in the

And at the end you can briefly pray for the others in the group.

There is enormous power in isolated or troubled people meeting with others and sharing. 4Q offers a practical way to show the love of Jesus in these strange times. You could advertise in your community, and form a group. 

To help you run the group, download: 

About 4Q

4Q has been prepared by Major Peter Farthing, former Director of The Salvation Army Counselling Service, and Major Kerrie Farthing. 

It is designed to be run over 10 weeks.

Please refer to the below table to determine ideal group size and session duration:

Free Zoom account 40 min session Maximum 6 members
Pro Zoom account 80 min session  Maximum 10 members