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Church Planting - Introduction

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“Each new expression, or reimagining in Hope Rising, is a legitimate faith pathway and one where any Australian may find Jesus and begin to work out that relationship and do so in their own culture and their own community”

The Salvation Army in NSW/ACT calls them Gathered Worshipping Communities, Communities of Hope and Kingdom Tables.

Pastor Colin Stoodley presents 8 Modules that are foundational to the planting of these new expressions.

The Modules are built on 2 assumptions:

Assumption 1

The Church is the mission army of the Kingdom.  Primarily and permanently on evangelism and disciple-making.


Assumption 2

We gather – for worship, for remembering and honouring God, for encouragement, for support of one another, for the teaching of the Apostles through the Word of God.

“We are reimagining Church, to position the Salvation Army Faith Communities in the right places, functioning with the right motivation, and committed to those who are not with us.  Sharing the Good News with clarity and persuasion.”

 Pastor Colin Stoodley will help us to look at these principles in 8 modules:

  • 1 - Disposition
  • 2 - Momentum
  • 3 - People before Programming
  • 4 - Discipleship
  • 5 - The Apostolic Nature of Church Planting
  • 6 - Contextualisation
  • 7 - Team Unity
  • 8 - Leadership Giftedness and Passion

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