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Community Needs Analysis is a research tool which helps to determine and understand the needs facing your local community.

Undertaking a Community Needs Analysis is a really simple yet effective way to get a glimpse into the issues facing your local community. By undertaking some intentional steps which are part of the Community Needs Analysis process, a Corps can gain a better understanding not only of the needs facing it's community, but also it's capacity to meet those needs.

The process itself is not difficult - in fact much of it is probably already being done by both the Corps Officers and members of the Corps - the Community Needs Analysis process simply allows those everyday movements to be used in a more strategic, intentional way. The process combines both qualitative and quantitative research methods, and is undertaken by Corps Officers and Corps members, with ongoing support available from the Territorial Social Justice Co-ordinator.


If you would like to learn more about how to do a Community Needs Analysis: 
Contact Casey O'Brien Machado (Territorial Social Justice Co-ordinator) at

You can also read an article by Casey about looking around and engaging in the needs around your local community - click here

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