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Connecting People Questionnaire

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The Salvos Connecting People Questionnaire is a set of 10 questions for ALL people engaged with a Salvos faith community to complete in the weeks 13 – 27 June 2021.

On this page you will find:

  • Links to the questionnaire in English, Chinese, Farsi and Korean
  • Printable PDF versions of the questionnaire in English, Chinese, Farsi and Korean.
  • Social media tile for use in your church newsletter or social media group
  • A PowerPoint slide, for promoting the questionnaire in your church meetings

Scroll down for answers to frequently asked questions. 


How long will the questionnaire take to complete?

The questionnaire will only take FIVE (5) minutes to complete.

What is the purpose?

  • To capture a national snapshot of how people are coming to faith and engaging in mission with us
  • To help us to better serve and equip you in creating faith pathways to Jesus

Who should complete Connecting People?

The questionnaire should be competed once by everyone who is part of a Salvos 'faith community'. This includes people involved in any of the following:

  • corps or church service meeting
  • chapel service in any mission expression
  • small group or community table with the intent to have faith conversations
  • prayer or discipleship meetings with another person; chaplain 1-1 meeting
  • youth or young adults' group
  • Home League; Men’s or Women’s Fellowship meeting.

I am in more than one faith expression, should I complete the questionnaire multiple times?

No, each person should only complete the questionnaire once.

What if we don't have internet access?

The survey is available as a printable PDF file for you to print off if necessary. We ask you to collect and return the print versions in the postage paid envelope provided before Monday 12 July. 

The printable PDFs are available in English, Chinese, Farsi and Korean.

How can leaders encourage their people to participate?

Here are some ideas and options for how you could encourage your people to complete the questionnaire:

  • Email/email newsletter - Send the questionnaire link to your faith community, encouraging them to complete it. You may need to send a couple of friendly reminders. 
  • Social media - Share the link and social media tile on your faith community's closed Facebook group.
  • Allocate time to complete it together - Your faith community leader might ask your community to complete the questionnaire together (online or print) as part of a meeting. For people with literacy challenges, it may be helpful to read it aloud and clarify any questions together. This could also be used as a stimulus for small group discussion about faith and mission.
  • Meeting announcements - Talk about the questionnaire in your meetings. Assure people it is anonymous and that we want to hear their voice. We have provided a PPT slide for meetings.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions, contact