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These nine sessions bring you fine communicators who understand prayer deeply. You overhear conversations or talks, as the speakers share their stories and hard-won insights. You will find the experience moving and inspiring. You will feel enriched, and helped to go deeper with God. 

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Session guide:

  1. Pete Greig and Lyndall Bywater: When God seems silent.
  2. Carole Bate: Discover prayer and fasting.
  3. Lyell Rader, Damon Rader, and Herb Rader: The power of prayering for others. 
  4. Pet Greig and Lyndall Bywater: The praying church.
  5. Jude Gotrich: Fresh pathways to prayer.
  6. Lyell Rader, Damon Rader, and Herb Rader: Everyday questions about prayer.
  7. Joy Webb and Robert Street: How I pray.
  8. Joy Webb and Robert Street: The prayers behind the songs.
  9. Jude Gotrich, Carol Bate, and Carol Jaudes: Creativity and the Word of God.

Category: Discipleship