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The Corps Cadets program is a group that meets together once a week to go through a class session. The sessions have themes with times of interaction, discussion, scripture and prayer. There are usually questions to answer in the workbook and mission tasks to perform during the week. The Corps Cadets program should also involve practical assignments, organized by leaders, such as tasks to complete in the corps or the local neighbourhood. The program is run by a Corps Cadets leader, sometimes called a counsellor or a guardian. The Corps Cadets program is a class-based group for young Salvos, but it can be much more than that. Corps Cadets can become a support group and a team of friends, learning together and working to make their world a better place.

There is currently 1 Introductory unit and 4 full Corps Cadet units available. Each full unit includes 4 workbooks (and associated leader's handbooks) which cover 1 full year of material (that is, 1 book per school term).

Corps Cadets material is developed by the amazing Territorial Youth Team in the Australian Southern Territory, but also available to all Corps in QLD, NSW & ACT.

Contact us at to order your copies today.

Badge of Merit

A Badge of Merit is awarded to Corps Cadets who have completed the four year course of study and achieved a satisfactory result on the associated tests. Contact us to order Badges of Merit.

Corps Cadet Tests

Corps Cadets material is divided into four yearly magazines (one per school term). Each magazine has an associated multiple choice test which can be done at the

For more information about Corps Cadets, check out the Southern Territory website:

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