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Game: El Cheapo Sumo


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Most people love a good wrestle but hiring sumo suits and gear just isn't an option for many youth groups with tiny budgets. Here's a cheap alternative that works well if you choose to pump the activity well.


What you need:

  • A couple of old foam mattresses from your local family store. (Tell them how greatly your youth ministry's joy depends on this and I am sure they will donate them).
  • A stanley knife.
  • A couple of pieces of rope about 1.5 metres long (or two long belts).
  • 2 helmets. (Every youth ministry should own 2 helmets, get them for about $10 from Big W).

Get Prepared:

Before the event you need to wrap yourself in the mattress from your neck area down and have someone mark where your arms should pop through. Cut two holes through the mattress so that you could literally put your arms through the mattress and put it on like a big coat. Wrap the excess mattress in front of you and have some one tie a rope around your waist. One good (but easily released) knot will keep you snugly wrapped in your new sumo suit.

The Game:

Draw a chalk box on the floor (or mark it out with tape) for your wrestling ring. Have two competitors suit up to wrestle. Their objective is to remain standing without stepping out of the ring. Once they step out or fall down they have been conquered and must make way for a new competitor unles you choose to do a 'best of three rounds'.


  • Mattresses that are about 10 - 15 cms work best.
  • Most op shops legally cannnot sell any mattresses with marks on them and are happy to give them away.
  • You can make your wrestling ring as challenging as you want it. eg. make a small mountain of mattresses or cushions that sumos must climb and wrestle on top of.
  • Cheapo sumo only works if you are not embarrassed by it. Make it hilarious, encourage your sumos, play some music in the background and have a cool sumo-themed prize.

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