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Game: Trivia Twister


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Works best:

With a small group, preferably just the amount of people you can fit onto 1 or 2 twister boards.

What you need:

  • The game of twister. You may want to play with 2 or 3 mats though, if you can source them.
  • Some trivia questions: bible trivia, trivia that tests their knowledge about your youth group, local trivia etc.
  • A prize for the winning team.

The game:

This works the same as a normal game of twister where you spin the board to see which colour people must put their hands and feet on. The difference is before anyone takes a turn you call out a trivia question and the team able to answer it first is the team that doesn't need to take a spin. This means that if a team is struggling with the answers they may have to take 3 turns before the other team has even taken one.

You can always do the trivia differently and just ask each team questions in turns. If they get it right they get to decide whether they spin or whether the other team has to. This may make it a little easier rather than having teams shout answers at you.

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