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International Day of Children and Youth 2022

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Sunday 24 April is The Salvation Army's International Day of Children and Youth. This day is an opportunity to pray for our young people and engage them in Bible study, worship, and mission. The day is about giving young people a voice and a platform. We celebrate the presence, power and promise of children and youth within The Salvation Army on this special day!

International Headquarters have produced a broad range of resources for this day.

Resources include:

  • Message & meeting planning resources
  • Social media images
  • Dance competition info
  • Theme song resources


Note: This special day can be celebrated on any Sunday. However, corps are encouraged to celebrate on 24 April, as there is strength in the whole Army praying and celebrating around this subject at the same time. 

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Resources are available in a variety of languages. If you would like resources in a language other than English, click here. 

Available languages include:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Portugese 
  • Tamil
  • Kiswahili



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