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International Day of Prayer for Children 2018

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The Day of Prayer for Children is scheduled on the International Salvation Army calendar for Sunday 29th July 2018. It is a day when the entire Salvation Army is encouraged to place the world's children before God in focused prayer, acknowledging that they are precious in the sight of God.

Who is the target audience?
The target audience is all children under 18 in all mission expressions of The Salvation Army worldwide.

How does this day differ from the annual Junior Soldier renewal day usually held in June?
The day of prayer for children extends the focus of prayer and engagement to those children not enrolled as Junior Soldiers and also extends to young people and those ministries they engage in weekly.

How can we make this day work for both Junior Soldiers and other children in our Corps?
Use this Sunday focus to remind the Junior Soldiers of their promises but also to encourage other children and their families that they are all part of the mission of The Salvation Army. 

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