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Junior Soldier Renewal Day 2022

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Junior Soldier Renewal Day is an annual event that creates a space for all people in your faith community, and Junior Soldiers in particular, to reflect on and renew their commitment to living life as a disciple of Jesus. 

This Junior Soldier Renewal Day will focus on Jesus' statement: “I am the true vine”. This passage is about connection. It focuses on our connection to God, through Jesus and our connection with others through Jesus. When we stay connected, together we flourish and bear fruit.

This year's leaders notes have been designed in a modular format with a variety of meeting lead options. We encourage you to choose the components that will work best in your context.    

Junior Soldier Renewal Day Leaders Notes will be released mid July. These will include:

Renewal day packs for this year include a:

  • Junior Soldier Renewal certificate,
  • Big Bud certificate, and 
  • 'Stay Connected' sticker sheet (featuring a grape cartoon character)

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What you need to know:

  • Packs for this year will cost $1.20 per child, excluding postage
  • Additional sticker sheets can be ordered separately at a cost of $1
  • Orders close on Monday 11 July
  • Resource packs will be delivered to corps by Friday 1 August
  • You can place your order here 


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