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Junior Soldiers - Renewal Day 2020

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Junior Soldier renewal days are a celebration of those young people who have made special commitments to God through signing their Junior Soldier Promise. It is a special day where the church community can celebrate together and support their Junior Soldiers on their faith journey. Junior Soldiers are also given the opportunity to renew their promises.

With a different theme each year, leaders notes are produced to accompany each Renewal Day and include a range of information and resources to make holding your own Renewal Day as easy as possible.


Included in the Leaders Notes are:

  • Information about the theme  
  • Interactive Message suggestions
  • A Message outline
  • Music and song suggestions
  • Suggestions for creating the scene with props and stage setting
  • Renewal Day segment
  • Extra project suggestions and challenges
  • ‘Home & Beyond’ section

Also available are notes on how to run a Junior Soldier Renewal Day adapted for use by those who are still in lockdown or unable to gateher in person for various reasons. 


There is also a renewal day item that is made available each year to encourage each of the Junior Soldier in their relationship with God.

If you would like any further information about the notes or renewal day items please

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