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ONE ARMY (Teaching)

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A new teaching resource focusing on The Salvation Army’s International Vision, “One Army, One Mission, One Message” that was launched in 2011, is now available.

One Army, produced by the Army’s International Headquarters, is a practical way to bring Salvationists to a closer understanding of what it means to be part of “One Army”.

Commissioner Robert Street, Chair of The Salvation Army’s International Doctrine Council, told All the World magazine that a shared understanding is vital in an ever-expanding Army which now ministers in 126 countries.

“It is crucial that it stays united, grows authentically and continues to be what it was always meant to be ... an expression of the one Church Universal, showing the heart and love of God.”

The resource comes in a variety of formats including booklets, videos and other online material. The initial batch covers four teaching units, with more to follow:

  • The Introduction: One Army – One Life
  • One Army – in Calling
  • One Army – in Covenant
  • One Army – in Christ

Category: Discipleship

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