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Our People Count - Online Package

What is Our People Count?

Col. Mark Campbell has announced a new territorial requirement known as ‘Our People Count’ which will be facilitated and supported by the Volunteer Resources team. This initiative is focussed on collecting and centrally storing information on our ongoing volunteer workforce in NSW, ACT & QLD.

For more information about the reasons, timing and method, please click here.

You will find the main resources below. 

Our People Count Online Fact Sheet

The online fact sheet will answer all your questions relating to the Our People Count initiative. You can also find key contacts including the name, email and number of your local Volunteer Resources Advisor. 

Volunteer Registration Record spreadsheet

This is a simple Excel spreadsheet to help you record the minimum requirements for your volunteers. There are detailed instructions to help you understand each field. Please click and download to get started. If you have trouble downloading, please contact the Volunteer Resources team and we will email you a copy. 

Please note: You will not be required to report on mandatory training completion until July 2019. However, please complete the other sections and send to 

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This Toolkit will provide you access to volunteer resources such as: Volunteer Agreements, Volunteer Handbook, Code of Conduct, waivers, templates and processes to enable meaningful and effective volunteer engagement. You will be equipped with the resources necessary to responsibly manage the various groups of volunteers. The Volunteer Resources (VR) team exists to support and assist you through the volunteer journey. If you need assistance using the provided resources or have any questions, please get in touch with the VR team.

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