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PLAN for your Volunteers

Planning your volunteer involvement in key to success! Find below tools and resources designed to assist you.  

NB: A key aspect of planning involves ensuring the safety of everyone involved - please refer to Keeping People Safe for information about Integrity Checks & Safe Volunteering Guidelines. 

  • Manual for Managers of Volunteers
    Coming soon
  • AUE Volunteer Role Description - Template
    Having a clear role description helps keep volunteers focused and motivated. Conversely, volunteers without role descriptions are more likely to feel unsupported in their work, inadequately trained and without opportunities to participate in decisions that affect them and their work. This is why it is vital to develop a well-worded role description for your volunteers. Use this template to get started, and let us know if you need a hand. 
  • Volunteer Role Description - Generic Set
    Coming soon
  • Confidentiality Agreement - Form of Words
    If your site/centre/program have specific confidentiality requirements, please use this Confidentiality Agreement Form of Words to highlight considerations for your volunteer(s). An example of a specific consideration could be that your location is a silent address which should not be disclosed, so as to ensure the safety of those seeking assistance.
  • Project Brief - Template (coming soon)
    This project brief template will help you document the project your volunteer(s) will be undertaking. This is particularly helpful for virtual volunteering, when you are not directly supervising the project/ activity your volunteer is working on.  
  • Activity Approval Form (coming soon) 
    All activities that are new and/or outside the usual scope of your site, service or program's activities must be approved by the appropriate TSA representative. Use this form to document your activity's scope, risk & safety plan. For Corporate Volunteering activities, use the Corporate Activity Risk & Safety Plan form found in the Corporate Volunteering section. 

If you have any questions about planning your volunteer involvement please get in touch at 

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This Toolkit will provide you access to volunteer resources such as: Volunteer Agreements, Volunteer Handbook, Code of Conduct, waivers, templates and processes to enable meaningful and effective volunteer engagement. You will be equipped with the resources necessary to responsibly manage the various groups of volunteers. The Volunteer Resources (VR) team exists to support and assist you through the volunteer journey. If you need assistance using the provided resources or have any questions, please get in touch with the VR team.

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