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Religious Instruction in Queensland (RI)

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Queensland state schools provide religious instruction in accordance with Chapter 5 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006  (EGPA) and Part 5 of the Education (General Provisions) Regulations 2006(EGPR) by making available up to one hour per week for the provision of religious instruction to students (except Prep students) who are members of a faith group that has approval to deliver religious instruction at the school.

1. A Corps has a person wanting to be a Religious Instructor
2. Download TSA’s Qld Religious Instruction Authorisation Form from the Youth & Children’s Leaders Toolkit (see right).
3. Person wanting to become a Qld Religious Instructor fills in the form and then submits it to their Corps Officer for their backing.
4. Corps Officer completes the rest of the form and sends completed form to DHQ - – either a scanned copy or hard copy. (Original to be kept in Corps Files)
5. DHQ will verify details and then if all the requirements are in place we will record this person as an authorised Qld RI teacher and send back to the Corps the Authorisation Card to complete.
6. Once returned, the Corps Officer will sign along with the applicant, attach a passport photo and laminate it. The person wanting to become a Religious Instructor is then Authorised and the establishing a Religious Instruction program process can now begin.

The religious leaders are responsible for the quality of the religious instruction program that is to be delivered in schools and are required to screen their accredited representatives, provide them with ongoing support and training and ensure they are delivering only the authorised program.

Every Salvation Army-approved Religious Instructor is to ensure they maintain accreditation with their faith group, have a current and valid Blue Card and deliver only the authorised program of the faith group.

As part of school-based induction, religious instructors are also required to complete Student Protection and Code of Conduct training. (Links provided in the policy statement on the website)

In this item you can download the following documents:

  • Religious Instruction Authorisation Process Qld
  • Religious Instructor Engagement Form Qld
  • The Guide for Religious Instruction in Qld

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