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Safeguarding Principles Training (valid for 3 years)

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Training news - Safeguarding Principles

6 May 2021

There’s a new updated version of the Australian Childhood Foundation Safeguarding Principles training which fixes the issue of progress saving that affected some personnel. This new version called The Salvation Army training is now available.

NOTE: Enrolment keys have also been updated.

The existing version, The Salvation Army 2020 training will be removed on Monday, 7 June at 11am. There will be no change to your login and password.

Who will this affect?

  1. Those who have commenced training in The Salvation Army 2020 but not completed are strongly encouraged to finalise their training prior to the 7th June. Personnel who have registered progress saved issues with ACF prior to 6 May will be contacted regarding how to progress with your training.

  2. Those accessing the training will see two options of the training launch buttons between 6 May – 7 June 2021.

  3. New participants – please use the new version, The Salvation Army

A copy of the new training guidelines is kept here below.

For further information, email us at

Safeguarding Principles training should be completed by officers, employees, contractors and some mission volunteers. The training is provided by the Australian Childhood Foundation and includes key information about the principles for Child Safe Organisation, risk assessment, diversity and inclusivity, and the importance of having a safeguarding culture.
The Salvation Army 2020 training (this old version is available until 7 June 2021)
The training has 10 modules and takes 2 hours to complete. Detailed course content can be found here.
If you have previously completed SP3 and Safe Salvos, and your training is still current, you do not need to complete Safeguarding Principles training until your training expired.


Length of currency


Historical Training Records

Safeguarding Principles


3 years


Safe Salvos





NEW! Safeguarding Principles Training - Detailed User Instruction Guide


NEW! Safeguarding Principles Enrolment Keys

Safeguarding Principles Training – Course Content

Click here to download 

Detailed course content for Safeguarding Principles Training provides an overview of the 10 modules contained in the training.


Safeguarding Principles Training - Who Needs to Complete this Training?

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This is a user guide for the Safeguarding Principles Training about who needs to do the training and approved exemptions through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

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