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SAGALA Leader Forms

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SAGALA Leader Forms

SAGALA Leader Forms

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SAGALA Leaders’ Forms

  • SAGALA Brochure to advertise in your area
  • SAGALA Leader's Training - Introduction to SAGALA 
  • SAGALA Leader's Training - Powerpoint Presentation
  • Application for a Warrant
  • SAGALA Transfer Form
  • SAGALA New Enrolment
  • SAGALA Badge Coupon
  • Application to Register a SAGALA Group
  • SAGALA Leaders' Enrolment Certificate
  • SAGALA Leaders' Purpose Statement
  • Leader's Application for Long Service

You will also need to complete the Child Safe forms for your state: 

  • The Application for Ministry Form (NSW/ACT/QLD) 
  • Code of Conduct (NSW/ACT/QLD)
  • SMO Forms (VIC)

Other forms:

  • Individual Record and Permission Form
  • Program Approval (QLD NSW & ACT) or Permission to Proceed (VIC)
  • Hazzard/Incident and Injury Report Form

State Legislative forms need to be completed by prospective leaders as well as Child-Safe Training by The Salvaiton Army before a leader is appointed as well as volunteer leaders. 

Category: Discipleship

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