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Self Denial Kids

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The Self Denial Appeal is an internal appeal whereby everyone who attends The Salvation Army is invited to participate by offering One Weeks Salary For Missionary Service. What this means is that people give a weeks wages to international missions and evangelism projects run by The Salvation Army in other parts of the world. 

We live in a fortunate country, and there are so basic items that we take for granted. One of the challenges of the self denial appeal is to give up that basic item, and then to use the time and money you save on that item and put it towards Self Denial.

Self Denial Kids

The Self Denial Kids material is a great way for leaders to introduce the Self Denial programme to their children at church.

Each week there will be a short talk, game, memory verse, prayer and a challenge to do at home. There is also a Home & Beyond section which allows children and parents to share what they are learning and discuss how they can help others as a family.

Self Denial 


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