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Territorial Prayer Focus - Children's Resources

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Three new resources have been released to help children and families pray together and explore the theme of the Territorial Prayer Focus for 2021: 'God is seen when we are one'.

  1. LEGO Prayers - Discussion and prayer activities using LEGO.
  2. Devotional - Devotional discussion looking at our relationship with others.
  3. 'Family Prayer Time' Placemat - Print, laminate and play with your family.
  4. Family and Children's resources (including prayers)
  5. JRev children's Overflowing with Joy video - click here to watch
  6. JRev children's Overflowing with Joy prayer resources:
  • Thumbnail image for the video
  • Run sheet for local ministries - includes group discussion questions and game.
  • At home sheet - that can assist parents and carers to extend the experience of the video with their children at home. The at home sheet includes a reminder of the memory verse, discussion questions, a recap of the activity, and a prompt to contact the JRev team if they would like more resources for their child(ren). 

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