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The Vision (Claire Hill)

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The Vision (Claire Hill)

The Vision (Claire Hill)

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This video series will help your team and young people connect with and understand The Great Commission and learn how to live a life of discipleship.

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Have you ever wondered, what’s the point of youth group?

What does your youth group look like where you are? Maybe your youth group plays messy games or looks more like a church service. Maybe it looks like a combination or neither.

About 2000 years ago after Jesus spent time preaching, changing lives and healing individuals, he came to his final moment. In the biblical passage, Matthew 28, Jesus is on the top of a mountain with his closet friends and it’s time to say goodbye – to leave the earth.

Have you ever been in one of those farewell moments?

While this moment would have been emotional, Jesus asks his closest friends to go and make disciples. And that’s what Jesus is asking of us today in our youth groups.

Jesus wants us to go to our high schools teachers, our grandma or visit our next door neighbours and invite them to follow Jesus.

Our vision is for every young Salvo to be a disciple maker. Jesus is inviting you on a radical, unpredictable adventure. Will you go?

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