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Volunteer Forms - Primary

Listed below are the PRIMARY tools/ forms you will need to manage both ongoing and short term community volunteers. Many of the forms are electronically fillable - you can complete and save them electronically, so there is no need to print. 

Click here for an overview of volunteer record management and a checklist of the forms you need to use for each volunteer. 

Ongoing Volunteers 

  • Mission Volunteer Registration Form
    The Registration Form is a tool used to capture required information on the volunteer, their role and integrity checks. This form is not mandatory, but if used must be signed and kept secure with the volunteer's personnel file. 
  • Mission Volunteer Agreement - Ongoing
    This form is a mandatory form for all mission volunteers. It must be completed PRIOR to commencement. 
  • Organisational Code of Conduct
    The Organisational Code of Conduct must be read and agreed to prior to commencement. To save you printing the entire document we suggest you keep a printed copy of the Code of Conduct for volunteers to read and/or email them a copy for their own reference. Only the last page is to be signed and returned to the manager.
  • Volunteer Handbook
  • This National handbook covers information about volunteering, insurance, background checks etc. All on-going volunteers should be given a copy prior to commencing. The handbook does not require a signature, and as such does not have to be printed.

Short-Term Volunteering

  • Short-term Volunteer Pack
    This pack contains the Short-term Volunteer Agreement and the Condensed Code of Conduct. The pack is to be used for volunteers engaged for up to 3 weeks, for an event or short-term project. For ongoing volunteers use the forms below.

Corporate Volunteering

  • Corporate Volunteering - Coordinator Pack
    This pack is for the Company Coordinator to complete. The Company Coordinator is the person responsible for finalising the day's details with you - including the number of volunteers for the day and ensuring they have the appropriate insurances in place. 
  • Corporate Volunteering - Participant Pack
    All corporate volunteers MUST complete this paperwork prior to their volunteer commencement. 
  • Activity Brief
    This resource will help you articulate your opportunity for corporate groups. It has been used extensively by the Volunteer Resources team and many TSA hosts. 
  • Sign-in Sheet
    The sign-in sheet can be used to help you determine who from the corporate group is on-site. 

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This Toolkit will provide you access to volunteer resources such as: Volunteer Agreements, Volunteer Handbook, Code of Conduct, waivers, templates and processes to enable meaningful and effective volunteer engagement. You will be equipped with the resources necessary to responsibly manage the various groups of volunteers. The Volunteer Resources (VR) team exists to support and assist you through the volunteer journey. If you need assistance using the provided resources or have any questions, please get in touch with the VR team.

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