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Listed below are the SITUATIONAL tools/ forms you will need to manage ongoing community volunteers in specific circumstances. 

  • Volunteering 16+ hours per week - waiver
    It is strongly encouraged that volunteering not exceed 16 hours per week unless there is a very specific (usually short term) requirement to do so. In this instance please use the 16+ hours Waiver. Please note - if you require more volunteers, please get in touch with
  • Image/ Content Release Form
    Before using volunteers' image/ content for social media, articles, marketing etc. we need to obtain their consent to do so. Please have your volunteer complete this form prior to taking any photographs, videos etc. Once completed, please save in their personnel file and provide your volunteer with a copy for their records. 
  • Email & Internet Use Policy (IEP 1214)
    Any people accessing internet or email in the course of their volunteering must first read & sign this policy. (Policy Owner: Business > IT) 
  • Business Dealings Form
    All volunteers handling official monies shall accept full responsibility for their receipting and security. It is a requirement of The Salvation Army that a Business Dealings form be signed. For more information, refer to Official Minute FBD (Policy Owner: Business > Finance) 
  • Casual Driver Declaration
    If your volunteer will be driving a vehicle as part of their role, they must complete this Caual Driver Declaration form. It outlines their responsibilities as a TSA driver, which they must understand and agree to prior to driving (Policy Owner: Business > Finance) 
  • SAMIS - Privacy Principles for SAMIS users 
    This document details the policy, procedures & operation for the handling of client data within SAMIS. Any volunteer who will be using SAMIS must first understand and sign-off this document prior to the commencement of their role.  

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This Toolkit will provide you access to volunteer resources such as: Volunteer Agreements, Volunteer Handbook, Code of Conduct, waivers, templates and processes to enable meaningful and effective volunteer engagement. You will be equipped with the resources necessary to responsibly manage the various groups of volunteers. The Volunteer Resources (VR) team exists to support and assist you through the volunteer journey. If you need assistance using the provided resources or have any questions, please get in touch with the VR team.

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