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Wings and Hands

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“The wings say to us that a vital part of our direction in life is moving upward.

Hands suggest service, of the ‘down to earth' kind, which is so dear to Salvationists.

Wings lift us upwards where we get a glimpse of sacred things and hands to convert what we discover into earthly forms of communication. The challenge is to get a balance between wings and hands, down here in the day to day – right where we live. 

The clue lies in the placement of them on these unusual creatures.  The hands are under the wings, leaving the wings free to lift us up and the hands free to offer themselves to serve.” 

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This Toolkit contains resources to help corps in the NSW/ACT Division increase their missional effectiveness. Hope rising was previously a part of NSW/ACT Division and is no longer in play, but the concepts fit within the Divisional plan, in line with the Divisional Strategy.

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