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Worship resources for Advent and Christmas 2021

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To assist you in your Christmas planning, the Worship Arts Team has produced a range of song lyric videos, scripture videos and more. 

Scripture Videos

In these short videos, Scripture is read and displayed on the screen with engaging, emotive background footage. For the full list of Christmas mission resources, including sermon notes, click here.

Song Lyric Videos

Lyric videos, with instrumental and vocal accompaniment.  

Additional resources are available for the other songs suggested in Corps Resource outlines, as indicated in the Song Information download. For further details, access and conditions of their use, please email

Song Resource Information

Song ideas with source and licensing information.

Script - At Home

A short, Scripture-based spoken word, written by Louise Mathieson. 
Ideal for use in your household on Christmas day. 
Scripture taken from John 1:1-4.


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