Veterans' Webinar Series 2021

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Veterans' Webinar Series

The Salvation Army National Homelessness Stream in partnership with RSL QLD and Australian Alliance to End Homelessness

Committed to a shared vision of ending veterans' homelessness in Australia, the 2021 Webinar Series is an opportunity for individuals and organisations to hear from veterans' and their experience of homelessness, to connect and network with one another and consider strategies to end veterans' homelessness. 

In the August 2020 edition of Parity, homelessness and ex-service organisations came together to highlight the needs of veterans experiencing homelessness and discuss strategies for change. The issue, 'A Home Fit for Heroes: Meeting the Needs of Homeless Veterans', led to the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness and The Salvation Army committing to some actions to end veterans' homelessness.

To watch 'Ending Veterans' Homelessness in North America' and 'Key Issues in Veterans' Homelessness' webinars please click on the graphics below. To register for 'Indigenous Veterans' Homelessness' click on the graphic below or the register button.

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Lessons from North America on how they are ending Veterans' Homelessness 

Hosted by David Pearson, CEO Australian Alliance to End Homelessness 

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Explore the key issues in responding effectively to Veteran's Homelessness 

Co-hosted by The Salvation Army and RSL Queensland 

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Learn about Indigenous Veteran's Homelessness and the increased risk factors to this cohort. 

Hosted by The Salvation Army