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Caring & staying connected with our volunteers

During this time of isolation, it's important to remember that social distancing doesn't mean losing our connection with each other. It's so important to keep in contact with your volunteers and many may feel isolated and vulnerable during this time. A friendly call may go a long way in supporting connection and wellbeing. Think about what is most meaningful for your volunteers to show that we are all in this together, and when social distancing is over, we can come back together as a team and resume operations. 

On this page, you'll find

  • Keeping volunteers engaged in TSA mission remotely 
  • Caring & staying connected with volunteers 
  • Available support for volunteers  

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If there is a way for your existing volunteers to continue their involvement with TSA mission, either through new opportunities at your site or remote engagement, this is worth exploring. 

Note: if you have new opportunities at your site, have a look at the COVID-19 Pausing and Redeploying Volunteers Guidelines for more information 

Not sure where to start? Chat to your VR Advisor to discuss some of the ideas below and how to best support volunteers during this time. 

Essential Supply Packs / We Care Packs  For more information on these opportunities, please visit the COVID-19 Corps section on Salvos Central. Click here to start.
Remote program support  Do you usually run programs like homework help/mentoring? Can this be facilitated online, or can volunteers help create resource/learning packs? 
Winter preparation  The cold season is soon approaching! If you have volunteers who can knit or sew, discuss with them the idea of creating some garments for the vulnerable in the local community. 
Training and development  Now could be a great time to provide your volunteers with training and development opportunities so that when they return to their role, they can do so with confidence! 


Staying connected with your volunteers during this time can be tricky and not all volunteers may want/need it. Find what is most meaningful to your volunteers during this time and see how you can best cater to their needs.

We've collated a few ideas below. Check with your volunteers first if they're comfortable with the below before proceeding

Weekly check-in
  • Ringing once a week to check-in and chat - it’s a great opportunity to keep them looped in with the latest TSA news and how we’re continuing to support the community
Group video chats 
  • If your volunteers are tech-savvy, why not organise a video chat once a week! 
  • If not all volunteers are tech-savvy, perhaps you have a volunteer who is and would be willing to help set-up the rest of the group
Birthday celebrations 
  • Don't forget special occasions like birthdays! Perhaps sending a virtual card, or mailing one in the post on behalf of your whole team.
Latest TSA news
  • Forward the latest TSA communications to your volunteers to keep them looped in 
Weekly wrap-ups 
  • Some volunteers may prefer a weekly email. A Friday afternoon email to update volunteers with the latest news, opportunities and even to e-celebrate any special dates 



TSA Employee Assistance Program 
TSA Financial Assistance 
Centrelink Support 
  • Volunteers affected by COVID-19 can find information on services here