Policy and Procedure

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Policy & Procedure

Across the organisation, departments are working to release their territorial policies and procedures. The Volunteer Resources team is currently working with the Policy Team to release the following: 

  • Mission Volunteer Policy (BS_HR_POL_TVOL)
  • Mission Volunteer Procedure (BS_HR_PRO-01_TVOL)
  • Mission Volunteer Reimbursement Procedure (BS_HR_PRO-03_TVOL)
  • Mission Volunteer Records Management Procedure (BS_HR_PRO-02_TVOL)
  • Mission Volunteer Lifecycle Procedure (still in development) 

To view other TSA policies and procedures, visit One Way (below) and click on 'Policies and Procedures'. Some essential policies related to safe and effective volunteer involvement include: 

  • The Code of Conduct 
  • Recruitment and Onboarding Policy 
  • Work Health and Safety Policy 
  • Safety and Wellbeing of Children and Young People Policy