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It is essential all your volunteers be given a Mission Volunteer Position Profile ('formerly role profile'). A position profile will help articulate the role, tasks, boundaries and expectations for both the volunteer and the manager.  

To help you find or create a position profile for a volunteer we have created 'Job Profiles', this is a feature you will see in Salvos Workday for Volunteers. Job Profiles are template profiles that may suit a range of volunteer positions with similar purposes, activities and responsibilities. From there you can edit the profile to create your specific Position Profile.

Below you will find a selection of common Job Profiles ready for you to download and edit to suit your specific needs. Some may need very little editing, and there are some positions that are very unique and require more. Follow these simple 3 steps to get started:

  • Search through our standard suite of job profiles to find the most suitable one 
  • Review and edit the job profile to suit needs and create a draft position profile 
  • Send your draft to the VR Helpdesk for review

Over time you will assemble a bank of position profiles that reflect the various volunteer positions at your site. If you need support to update these profile please connect with the VR Helpdesk.

If you are doing this step for the first time, please contact our friendly VR Helpdesk for assistance vrhelpdesk@salvationarmy.org.au

How to download a Position Profile:

  1. Click on the Position Profile(s) you want to download - it will open in a new tab 
  2. You will see icons to the top right-hand side of your screen. Click the icon with the arrow pointing down
  3. Depending on your computer settings, you may need to go to your 'Download' folder or the file may download to your browser
  4. Open in Microsoft Word and amend as needed

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