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Salvos Workday resources for those who manage volunteers

Welcome to the Salvos Workday resources page for those who manage volunteers.

As we get closer to Salvos Workday go-live day, Monday 26 October 2020, we will begin to load the latest resources on this page. You'll be able to find some great resources and helpful info such as:

  • Step Guides
  • Video Guides 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Where to get additional support 




How to use:

  1. Find the Workday Task you are looking to complete 
  2. PDF Step Guides and Video Guides will be available to download/view 
  3. Log-in to Salvos Workday and use your guides to help you complete the process 

Workday Task



Update volunteer details 

Use this guide to change an existing volunteer's personal information such as contact details or updating integrity check information. 

Add additional volunteer job Use this guide to add an additional volunteer role to an existing volunteer. 

End additional volunteer job

 Use this guide to end an additional role for a volunteer who holds multiples volunteer roles.
Change volunteer job details Use this guide for job detail changes including transferring a volunteer, changing the location of the role, change of manager or the type of volunteer who can hold that role. 
Create a new volunteer position This process is used when you need to add a new position (empty chair) in your org chart.  Please contact your VR Advisor to complete this for you 
Create a job requisition - existing volunteer position This is used to commence recruitment on an existing volunteer position in the org structure. A job requisition is required to start my recruitment process. 
Create a job requisition - new volunteer position  This is used to commence recruitment on a position which hasn't been created in the TSA organisation structure. 
Edit job requisition Used to edit an existing job requisition.
Recruitment   - COMING SOON -   - COMING SOON - 
Manage volunteer hire and onboarding Required immediately after the recruitment steps above and sets up the new volunteer's profile ready for their onboarding 
Place a volunteer on Leave of Absence Use this step guide to place a volunteer on long-term leave (likely used when you need another volunteer to fill the role)
Return a volunteer from Leave of Absence  Use this step guide when a volunteer placed on Leave of Absence is returning 
Terminate volunteer involvement (leaving TSA)  Use this when a volunteer is ending their involvement with TSA (voluntarily or involuntarily) 


How to use:

If you're unable to make a session, we will make the recording and training material available to you. This space will be updated one the recording and training material becomes available. Please reach out to your VR Advisor if you have any questions. 


Orientation Session 


The orientation session covered: 

  • the need for Salvos Workday 
  • the benefits 
  • what's in scope & what's out of scope 
  • system 'tour' 
  • support and resources available
Session 1 of 3: Daily Workday Tasks  ** COMING SOON ** ** COMING SOON **

Session 2 of 3: Recruitment 

Session 3 of 3: Induction and Leaving TSA ** COMING SOON ** ** COMING SOON **


We have enhanced resources and tools to support our managers. These include:

  • Step guides
  • Volunteer Resources Toolkit 
  • Volunteer Resources Helpdesk 
  • HR Services

People support includes:

  • Volunteer Resource Advisors
  • Salvos Stores Area Managers, Salvos Stores Managers and Salvos Stores Volunteer Workforce team.

All people filling volunteer positions are required to be recorded on Salvos Workday, apart from Event Volunteers in roles such as Red Shield Collectors. Volunteers do not need to use Salvos Workday unless they are a manager of a volunteer. 

Salvos Workday allows volunteers to apply directly to roles in Salvos Workday, however, forms will also be available for volunteers to complete manually. The manager can enter the volunteer’s information into the system on behalf of the volunteer. 

If your site has a shared computer, make sure you log out of Salvos Workday after you complete your task. If someone hasn’t logged out, you can log out on their behalf. 

If required, paper forms can be used and transferred to Salvos Workday system via a local site that has capability to do this or once the connectivity issue is resolved (or if a temporary issue at the actual site). Any concerns contact Volunteer Resources Helpdesk. 

  • Yes. Volunteers must complete a registration form or online application and volunteer agreement to ensure the volunteer and TSA are protected (i.e. insurance and contact details in case of emergencies). 
  • For roles that are child facing, it is a legislative requirement to conduct interviews, reference checks, working with children checks and appropriate training. 

Paper registration forms and Volunteer Agreements must be transferred to Salvos Workday within 2 weeks of the volunteer starting their role. 

No, Salvos Workday currently doesn’t have this functionality. It does have the ability to do timekeepingwhich we will explore in coming months.  

Yes, Salvos Workday manages the online police checking process through Fit2Work in a similar way to paid workers. The volunteer will need to nominate their email address, or that of a friend, which will help in submitting the documents online. Once submitted, the outcome of the police check will come back into Salvos Workday. Managers and administrators of volunteers will be able to keep track of the process directly. Depending on the uniqueness of the name, and some other factors, many police checks will come back within 24 hours. 

When a position is created, the police check requirement is added automatically. This includes whether it is part of the Create Position process (conducted by VR team or Salvos Stores Volunteer Workforce Team) or in the Create Job Requisition – New Position process (managers of volunteers and their admins can do this). 

You have two options:

Option 1: If the person is not yet a volunteer, you can create a job requisition for a new volunteer position, which will create the position and mark it ready to recruit into it. You then can add them in using the recruitment process. Refer to the “Create Job Requisition – New Volunteer Position” guide. 

Option 2: Empty roles can be created by the VR team without going into the recruitment process. You can then either add an existing volunteer into the position using the Add Job process (refer to the “Add additional job to existing volunteer” guide) or recruit into it by creating a job requisition on the empty position (refer to the “Create Job Requisition – Existing Volunteer Position”) guide. 

The process is called Add Additional Job and is detailed in the Add additional job to existing volunteer” guide. 

Currently, adding a new person as a volunteer (i.e. someone who is not a volunteer with TSA elsewhere) requires they are progressed through the recruitment process because this will also trigger any necessary background/integrity checks as part of that process. If the position does not require any background/integrity checks, then you can skip through to the final (ready for hire) stage. 

There are two options:

Option 1: If the person volunteers at multiple TSA locations or has multiple positions at the same location and they are just leaving one of those positions, then the process used is called End Additional Job. This is explained in the “End additional job for a volunteer” guide. 

Option 2: If the volunteer is exiting TSA completely, then the Salvos Workday process is called Terminate and is explained in the “Terminate a volunteer” guide. 

There are two options here: 

Option 1: If the volunteer volunteers at multiple TSA locations and they are just leaving one of those positions, then the process used is called End Additional Job. This is explained in the “End additional job for a volunteer” guide. 

Option 2: If the volunteer is exiting TSA completely, then the Salvos Workday process is called Terminate and is explained in the “Terminate a volunteer” guide.