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Salvos Workday resources for those who manage volunteers

Welcome to the Salvos Workday resources page for those who manage volunteers.

Salvos Workday for those who manage volunteers is now live! You'll be able to find some great resources and helpful info such as:

  • Step Guides
  • Video Guides 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Where to get additional support 




How to use:

  1. Find the Workday Task you are looking to complete 
  2. PDF Step Guides and Video Guides will be available to download/view 
  3. Log-in to Salvos Workday and use your guides to help you complete the process 

Workday Task



Update volunteer details 

Use this guide to change an existing volunteer's personal information such as contact details or updating integrity check information. 

Add additional volunteer job Use this guide to add an additional volunteer role to an existing volunteer. 

End additional volunteer job

 Use this guide to end an additional role for a volunteer who holds multiples volunteer roles.
Change volunteer job details Use this guide for job detail changes including transferring a volunteer, changing the location of the role, change of manager or the type of volunteer who can hold that role. 
Create a new volunteer position This process is used when you need to add a new position (empty chair) in your org chart.  Please contact your VR Advisor to complete this for you 
Create a job requisition - existing volunteer position This is used to commence recruitment on an existing volunteer position in the org structure. A job requisition is required to start my recruitment process. 
Create a job requisition - new volunteer position  This is used to commence recruitment on a position which hasn't been created in the TSA organisation structure. 
Edit job requisition Used to edit an existing job requisition.
Recruitment  This guide is to support Primary Recruiters undertaking recruitment activities in Salvos Workday. It provides instruction on how to move candidates through the recruitment process from initial review, through to ready for hire. 
Manage volunteer hire and onboarding Required immediately after the recruitment steps above and sets up the new volunteer's profile ready for their onboarding 
Place a volunteer on Leave of Absence Use this step guide to place a volunteer on long-term leave (likely used when you need another volunteer to fill the role)
Return a volunteer from Leave of Absence  Use this step guide when a volunteer placed on Leave of Absence is returning 
Terminate volunteer involvement (leaving TSA)  Use this when a volunteer is ending their involvement with TSA (voluntarily or involuntarily) 
Other helpful step guides Use these step guides to complete tasks as a delegate, or to delegate your tasks and approvals 


How to use:

If you're unable to make a session, we will make the recording and training material available to you. This space will be updated one the recording and training material becomes available. Please reach out to your VR Advisor if you have any questions. 


Orientation Session 


The orientation session covered: 

  • The need for Salvos Workday 
  • The benefits 
  • What's in scope & what's out of scope 
  • System 'tour' 
  • Support and resources available
Session 1 of 3: Daily Workday Tasks 

This session covered:

  • Introduction to Salvos Workday
  • General navigation and system orientation 
  • Updating volunteer information 
  • Add additional volunteer job 
  • Create job requisition - existing position 
  • Job Profiles 
  • Create job requisition - new positions  

Links are from the SA/NT & WA session

Session 2 of 3: Recruitment 

 This session covered 

  • Recruiting volunteers using Salvos Workday 

Links are from the SA/NT & WA session 

Session 3 of 3: Induction and Leaving TSA

This session covered 

  • Change volunteer job details
  • Onboarding & inducting volunteers
  • Ending additional jobs 
  • Volunteers leaving TSA  

Links are from the SA/NT & WA session 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to your questions here. We've tried to cover as many questions as possible. If the page below doesn't open for you, or you'd like to view it in a new tab, click on the button below. Reach out to the Volunteer Resources team if you would like to add anything to the FAQ.