Training for Managers of Volunteers

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Successful Management of Volunteers

Face-to-Face Training

This is essential if you are a manager or administrator of volunteers. The course will take you through the 6 stages of volunteer management and give you the confidence, knowledge and resources to promote safe and effective volunteering at your mission expression. Your VR Advisor can host a training session for you and your team and it can be scaled to suit your needs and availability.

To get the most out of this course, we suggest putting aside a full day. We do suggest the face-to-face version training so you can ask questions and get on the spot support. Another benefit is networking with other TSA managers of volunteers and learning from shared experience and knowledge. 

Online module 

If you prefer to do your training online, this is possible. The course is completely free and can be completed at your own pace. Get started by accessing the course on Learn here

Note: by March 2020 this module will be quite outdated, we suggest speaking to your VR Advisor for training options. 


Values Workshop

2 hours face to face delivery facilitated by our VR Advisors.

Learn, explore and model The Salvation Army's 5 Values through this interactive workshop. Designed for teams of volunteers and their managers and COs to share together what the Values mean for their everyday interactions at their local mission expression. Ideal for newly formed teams or teams needing a 'refresher' to bring about on-going commitment to our organisation's Values. 

Contact your VR Advisor today to discuss your needs and to book in a workshop date!

Volunteer Involvement Indicator Tool (VIIT)

The VIIT has been created to give managers of volunteers a better understanding of how the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement are currently being applied to their mission expression. It is not a test or assessment, but rather a simple learning tool. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete - get started by clicking here

The Laws and Volunteers

Volunteering law can be complex and confusing. Justice Connect provides a great website and training designed to help organisations and managers of volunteers like yourself understand the laws that apply to you and your volunteers.

Visit their website for fact sheets and upcoming training opportunities.

Justice Connect Training 

Workplace behaviours and volunteers

This is a PDF of a webinar run on 22 May 2018 that provides a great overview of how organisations and managers can prevent issues arising or escalating in relation to workplace behaviours.

Not You Too# webinar 

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