Volunteer Data Management

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TSA Volunteer Management System (VMS)

Across Australia, Managers of Volunteers (MoVs) have been working really hard to create and update volunteer records.

For safe & effective volunteer management, it is important that MoVs continue maintaining their records on an ongoing basis. This includes:

  1. Registering your new volunteers
  2. Ensuring you are tracking any changes to the role your volunteers are undertaking
  3. Archiving records for those who have finished their volunteering with us
  4. Keeping integrity checks up to date 
  5. Filling the gaps on any missing data including contact details and emergency contacts

At present, across all Divisions & program streams, all* ongoing volunteer records are being held in TSA’s Volunteer Management System (VMS). We strongly encourage our managers to keep maintaining the currency & accuracy of records within this system.

Given Salvos Workday for Volunteers has been postponed, we now invite and encourage those in NSW/ACT and QLD (not yet using VMS) to consider this easy to use option.

We have created some tutorial videos below to help you best navigate VMS. 

If you do not have direct access to this system as yet, please contact vrhelpdesk@salvationarmy.org.au and we will help you get set up & oriented to the system. 

*Salvos Stores and Red Shield Appeal records are being managed separately

VMS Log-in & Quick Start Guide

To log-in to VMS please click here. Don't forget to add this link to your 'favourites' bar so it's easy to access next time. If you don't have access or have forgotten your log-in detail, please contact the VR Helpdesk - vrhelpdesk@salvationarmy.org.au

Not sure where to start? View our latest VMS Quick Start Guide by clicking here or below. Dont' forget to watch our helpful tutorial videos to help you navigate VMS. Our friendly helpdesk is only a call or email away for any questions you may have!