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Salvos WorkDay is coming

Salvos Workday for Volunteers is due to be launched in the 2021 financial year. It will replace current volunteer management systems as a single place to store volunteer information including integrity check records (no more duplication). This system will significantly assist with: 

  • Design roles, post ads and recruit volunteers
  • Manage integrity check and training records (application and renewals)
  • Having a single location of all your people data 

SWD will provide you with ‘whole of workforce’ visibility at your mission expression - including your volunteers. However, volunteers themselves won’t have direct access to on launch, except where they themselves are a people manager. 

There are tasks that you need to undertake now to be ready for Salvos Workday for Volunteers. If you are not aware of this (or haven't heard about SWD for volunteers), please contact your VR Advisor who can assist you with getting your mission expression ready. 

To best position your mission expression for a smooth transition to Salvos Workday for Volunteers, please read on:

Tas, Vic, SA/NT & WA

In preparation for Salvos Workday for Volunteers, it is important to keep your volunteer data up-to-date in the VMS. By doing so, you will make your transition to Salvos Workday for Volunteers much smoother. 

Follow these easy steps: 

People Records

  • Archive non-active volunteers from VMS
  • Ensure volunteers have signed required paperwork - Registration Form and Volunteer Agreement 
  • Add any previously unrecorded volunteers to VMS
  • Add new volunteers to VMS 
  • Update volunteer details on VMS - click here to see required fields
  • Click here to access VMS 


  • Update existing roles in VMS with:
    • The integrity checks required for the role
    • Line Manager's name and at least one contact detail 
  • Add any missing roles to VMS (contact the VR Helpdesk to create a new role on VMS for your site)
  • Match each volunteer to their volunteer roles(s) 

For assistance, contact your VR Advisor


Download the latest info flyer 


The VR team facilitated a Territorial Requirement called 'Our People Count' (OPC) between May - Nov 2019.

OPC aimed to collect volunteer data for the purposes of:

  • securely and centrally storing volunteer data to help Corps, sites and programs get ready for Salvos Workday for Volunteers 
  • ensuring volunteers were covered and protected 
  • provide TSA with a panoramic view of volunteer engagement 

We are aware that due to extenuating circumstances (such as the prolonged bushfire disaster, that started in QLD & NSW in October) some sites are yet to complete. If you have not started or need support, contact your VR Advisor. Here are some helpful resources: 

Our People Count Online Fact Sheet
The online fact sheet will answer all your questions relating to the Our People Count initiative. You can also find key contacts including the name, email and number of your local Volunteer Resources Advisor. 

Volunteer Registration Record spreadsheet
This is a simple Excel spreadsheet to help you record the minimum requirements for your volunteers. There are detailed instructions to help you understand each field. After you click on the above link, please click the blue 'download' button to get the file on your computer. 
If you have trouble downloading, please contact the Volunteer Resources team and we will email you a copy. 

Mission Volunteer Registration Form
The registration form will help you collect information from your mission volunteers. It is not a mandatory form, but if you decide to use it, it must be signed and securely stored. 

Mission Volunteer Agreement Form 
This is the new territorial Mission Volunteer Agreement Form. It is a mandatory form (from an organisational and legal perspective) for all mission volunteers and will provide mission volunteers with a number of benefits, including access and coverage under TSA Voluntary Workers Personal Accident insurance. 


Download our OPC flyer for more information