Volunteer Resources Team

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Volunteer Resources 

The Volunteer Resources team, or ‘VR’, is part of and sits with the wider TSA Human Resources department. Our purpose is to support you, our TSA Managers of Volunteers (MOVs) to successfully, safely and effectively engage all types of volunteers at your mission expression.

As a team, our purpose is to: 

  1. Provide direct support and coaching to Managers of Volunteers 
  2. Develop and deploy resources to help you best involve and retain volunteers 
  3. Design and maintain the Volunteer Policy Framework
  4. Advise on the application of policy, develop and ensure the appropriate implementation of procedures 

Our team is focused on supporting over 2,000 managers of volunteers in local mission expressions - including Corps based activities, community service work, social program networks, head office functions & the various Mission Enterprises. Managers of volunteers are a diverse group with broad-ranging experience and capability levels; who may themselves be officers, employees and/or volunteers.

The VR team comprises of:

  • VR Helpdesk: first point of contact for timely assistance relating to  all stages of the volunteer involvement life cycle. They will refer more complex queries onto other team members when required.
  • VR Advisors: who coach, train and advise on all volunteer-related issues.
  • VR Managers: oversight of VRAs, operational management and issue escalations.
  • Specialist roles: specialising in compliance and reporting, resource development and communications and corporate volunteering.
  • VR General Manager: is responsible for planning, vision and strategy.

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