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The General's Book Launch

General Brian Peddle has launched two important new books - Called to be a Soldier and Day by Day. The two books provide Salvationists with a modern framework on being a soldier within The Salvation Army.

Called to be a Soldier has been compiled with the support of the International Theological Council. It is described as easy-to-read and focuses on each of the statements of intention that form the Soldier’s Covenant by outlining the possibilities and opportunities of life as soldiers in the Army.

Day by Day was written by Commissioner Robert Street, who has retired and stepped down after heading the One Army – Spiritual Life Development Stream. The book considers what following Jesus is like in a contemporary context and asked: Is it different? Is it essentially the same as always or both?

A limited number of hard copy versions of both books are available free of charge for Australian soldiers. Please contact The Salvation Army Melbourne Trade Store to order your free hard copy. 

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For a free Digital version: The General's Books 

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