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On this page, you'll find a number of helpful resources to equip you during your time volunteering with The Salvation Army. If there's any information you're looking for, please ask your Corps Officer/line manager or email us at

Essential Volunteer Forms and Information

Below you will find links to the latest essential volunteer forms and information. These may be updated from time to time, so please check with your manager if you have any questions about updates made.

Integrity Checks

Please click on the left tabs below to find information relating to Police Checks and Working With Children/Vulnerable People Checks. Watch a short video from our Territorial Leaders on the importance of integrity checks to mission. 


Working with Children Check/Vulnerable People

Info Sheets

Working with Children/Vulnerable People Checks are required for roles that are child-related or ones that work with vulnerable people. This requirement is dictated by your state/territory government and must be completed prior to commencing your role. For more information, please click on your state/territory below or speak to your manager/Corps Officer. 

Police Checks

How to complete a check

Have you been asked to complete a police check?

The Salvation Army is committed to ensuring our children, young people and vulnerable adults are kept safe in our working environment and when serving the community. Integrity Checks are required by law and for funding accreditation. For specific information regarding police checks, please refer to the following links:

The cost of the police check is covered by The Salvation Army. If you have received your police check results previously within the last 3 months, this could be used instead by providing a copy to your manager.

If you have concerns or further questions about the process or prefer to apply for your police check using a manual/paper form, please speak to your manager/corps officer who can provide you with further information.