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Top 5 training sites for music teams

Worship Central is an Alpha-style program that is particularly useful for local teams to do together, as a devotional or team time. It is free to use when you register your group for the program and has 7 sessions that can be spread over a term of rehearsal nights, or condensed into a weekend/retreat. The format is more discussion-based than practical though some topics explore practical areas. It is international/interdenominational and  originally from the UK:

Musicademy is an excellent site for practical contemporary music training and DIY team upskilling. It hosts some free resources and gives the option of either paying per product downloads or signing up to their subscription model for training materials. It is very practically focused and deliberately targeted at the average church worship team. Developed by UK contemporary worship experts and is multidenominational:


Worship Artistry is a practical site focusing mainly on 5 instrumental areas: keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums; and vocal. Free entry-level and blog/article access and subscription for progressive training and more tutorial access. US-based:


Worship Training is the worship education arm of the Praise Charts family of websites. It is international and interdenominational. It has limited free access and resources but good quality training for subscription level. Individual and church plans are available:



Training for Songwriters

Krissy Nordhoff provides an extensive pool of training resources for songwriters: