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Worship Aids

SongSelect by CCLI is the most comprehensive legal source for worship materials, saving you hours of preparation time. Over 60,000 churches now subscribe to SongSelect because it offers the biggest collection of worship song chord sheets, lead sheets, vocal sheets, lyrics and sound samples available. SongSelect contains thousands of top songs from CCLI’s 3,000+ publishers…with more songs added each week. There’s also an option to search by hundreds of themes to match the service you are planning.

The Salvation Army Australia has an Advanced-level group licence option available for all corps and centres. By joining, you will have access to:

  • Audio Previews
  • Integration with ProPresenter, Planning Centre, and other worship and projection software
  • Lyric Sheets
  • Auto Transposition
  • Chord Sheets
  • Lead Sheets

Contact to check your corps/centre subscription status.
The group licence is set and forget: invoices are paid by Worship Arts Ministry Licensing and costs transferred from your account.

Not what you’re looking for?  SongSelect Premium has all this and Vocal Sheets as well for only AUD$245/yr. If you wish to choose this option, you will need to contact CCLI directly on 1300 225 500, or through the CCLI Website to set up an account. Yearly renewals will also need to be managed by the corps directly.


The Songbook of The Salvation Army includes a biblical reference index and is sorted into themes.

Pieces in the first tune book (link to Tune Book link on our Resources page) are also sorted by meter (i.e. number of syllables and emphasis pattern), so that the same words may fit for several tunes, and vice versa.



The Salvation Army Tunebook (2015) is available in two volumes (books):

  • Volume 1: 1-530 are for pieces that follow a set metre, allowing the different tunes to be used for the same lyrics
  • Volume 2: 531-958 are for pieces where the music is specifically written for the lyrics of the song

Purchase inquiries:

Salvationist Supplies - Sydney
Ph. 1800 634 209

Salvation Army Supplies - Melbourne
Ph. 1800 100 018



The Song book of the Salvation Army Hymn Tune Accompaniment CD set is a widely used resource among many corps and is now available to accompany congregational singing using pieces in the 2015 tune book.  Information on this 12 CD set including both metrical and alphabetical listings can be found on the US Central Trade site.

If you already have the original version based on the 1987 tune book, an update is available which includes a new index and 30 new tracks.

Purchase enquiries:

Salvationist Supplies - Sydney
Ph. 1800 634 209

Salvation Army Supplies - Melbourne
Ph. 1800 100 018


The Salvation Army Tune Book (2015) is available in mp3 format as both a full set, and as individual tracks.

The full set of 958 tunes, is available for approx AUD$102 + shipping.

Individual tracks are also available at approx AUD$2 each from

Purchase enquiries:

Salvationist Supplies - Sydney
Ph. 1800 634 209

Salvation Army Supplies - Melbourne
Ph. 1800 100 018

The Salvation Army Tune Book (1987) is available in MIDI format, to play on computers and digital keyboards.

If you have a high-quality synthesizer, this may be a good option to explore.

Available for online purchase from UK trade

Questions about connecting to your MIDI keyboard? Contact us for support on

Since 1998, the USA Central Territory has published the Hallelujah Choruses instrumental series which has proven to be an excellent resource for contemporary praise and worship songs.

In recent editions song lyrics have been included at the top of the conductor’s score. These arrangements are scored for instrumental quintet, keyboard and percussion, as well as bass guitar and electric guitar. All arrangements can be performed with a minimum of five instruments, but it is essential for the conductor to carefully assign the parts to ensure proper balance.

This is published annually in sets of ten songs.

Also available to match the Hallelujah Chorus instrumental series:

  • Praise Paks - ideal for music teams leading congregational worship. Score includes vocal (SAB/keyboard) (with Chord Symbols); 3-part brass: trumpet/cornet 1-2 (opt. Eb2) and trombone (treble and bass clef); guitar, bass and drum set. Also includes Performance/performance recording.
  • Vocal Series - developed for Choirs or music teams, this format includes three-part (SAB) vocals and keyboard (with chord symbols) and is well suited for performance or leading congregational singing.
  • Songbooks - published in bilingual format with separate editions of music and words in English and Spanish. Each song is published in melody/lyrics format. Chord symbols have been provided above the melody to accommodate a variety of keyboard and string instruments (i.e., piano accordion, guitar, etc.)
  • Full performance tracks - featuring the Norridge Citadel Band and selected vocalists. Each recording features both full performance tracks to provide a model for vocal groups and music teams, and instrumental backing for singers and congregation to use in the absence of a live band.

Purchase enquiries:

Salvationist Supplies - Sydney
Ph. 1800 634 209

Salvation Army Supplies - Melbourne
Ph. 1800 100 018

The easy to use iSingWorship app allows you to lead worship using an iPad, Android device or iPhone, with incredible flexibility and musicality – it’s just like having your own highly experienced backing band, complete with automatic lyric display.

Available through the App Store, you can try it our for free, with two songs included, and yes, they are in singable keys!

Key features:

  • Choose the order of your song as it plays
  • Fade music out instead of abrupt stops
  • Choose to use the backing track, or acoustic guitar, or both
  • Choose the volume of vocals
  • Change the key of the song up or down three semitones
  • Option to show guitar chords if you have someone that would like to play

Songs are AUD$4.49 each or sets of 10 are available for AUD$39.99.

A full list of available songs is on the iSing Worship website.

To show the lyrics on a projector, you will need a Lightning to VGA (or HDMI) connector, these are available through all stores that stock Apple products, along with cheaper alternatives available online.

WorshipTogether is a huge resource for worship leaders, including listings from CCLI, Hillsong, Jesus Culture and Passion.

The site features a search across 15 theme categories, as well as options to choose the speed and even key of the song.

In addition to this, their WorshipTogether YouTube Channel is set up as a New Song Cafe, with demos of how pieces sound in real life, along with commentary from the artists about the background, meaning and intent of the song.


Looking for that brass band or songster piece, but not sure where to find it? is a site managed by Dale and Rowan Cafful who keep up to date on all publications in these series and is as close as you can get to definitive for an online listing of pieces.