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Putting health and wellbeing back in your hands! Take time out and check in with MiOK - Am i OK? 

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In first aid, the number one rule is to look after yourself first before you look after others. As volunteers, you're busy looking after others, often while they're at the most vulnerable and challenging times of their lives. How do you look out for you? 

Getting on top of your physical and emotional health early benefits you in both your personal and work life, ensuring you can be at your best in everything you do.

MiOK – Am i OK? is a mobile app that helps you to stay healthy, build emotional awareness, and act early when things aren’t right. Rest assured that all your data is stored locally on your own device; it is for your eyes only. 

Download the app today and start looking out for you!

The features of MiOK

  • Track and monitor health and wellbeing indicators
  • Daily reminders to take a moment to check-in
  • Personalised feedback and alerts to seek professional support, if required
  • A library of health and wellbeing resources
  • Private and secure platform

You'll need a 'participant ID' to access MiOK. Please ask your line manager for this ID or email Volunteer Resources at vrhelpdesk@salvationarmy.org.au.

For support or to provide feedback on the MiOK app, email: mioksupport@dbresults.com.au