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In the past ten years Making it Happen (Women’s Ministry Project) has been a way to meet the needs of women and children who are experiencing disadvantage in developing countries. This year will be the first year that Making it Happen is focused on a local need. 

In October 2020, the Adults Ministry, in partnership with the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Ministry, will be calling on all Salvos to please help in the fundraising efforts to help us address the injustices experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

The toolkit below includes video and marketing resources to help bring awareness around the Making it Happen Project and support fundraising activities. 

The video resources include: 

  • Making it Happen 2020 Overview
  • Flower of Opportunity: Artwork Explainer
  • Sue Hodges' Story 
  • The Waterhole Project

Visit the Making it Happen fundraising page to donate directly or start a fundraiser and get your community involved. For information on how to start a Making it Happen fundraiser page click here


Downloadable Video Resources